Akashic Insights & Essences

Journey into the unseen world of energy medicine

Insights and Essences is a transformative therapy that has been developed to address mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our wellbeing via the infinite resource of your Akashic Records.

This unique modality combines Akashic insights, Flowers essence medicines and personalised practices.

The aim is to facilitate deep shifts that bring you into greater alignment with your true nature and purpose.


In these sessions, Laura will work with you to uncover key insights and gain understanding and connection to :

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Direction and purpose
  • Support in navigating major transitions, such as birth and death
  • Understanding behaviour, symptoms and experiences from an energetic perspective
  • Soul development

Flowers essences are a vibrational medicine that work specifically to support mental and emotional states of experience. They work on our energetic bodies. We are more than just physical creatures. We are a holistic network of body, mind, heart and spirit. Often our physical dis-ease has its roots in our mental and emotional states and by acknowledging this union a profound holistic healing takes place. 

Flower essences can lead us to gain understanding of our patterns of disharmony, help us to meet challenges with grace and navigate transitions with openness. 

Essences can hold and guide us through difficult times.  

They take us on a journey along the spectrum of emotions and lift us to a place where we can embody them through our thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a more balanced way.

This can be used as a stand alone therapy or as an adjunct to other modalities such as herbal medicine, massage and counselling. Flower essences are safe for any age or existing condition.

Appointments available remotely or in person.

Flower essences are included in the session fee.

“In clinical practice I have come to see that energy medicines such as flowers essences can be the missing key in treatment strategies. When these aspects are acknowledged and harnessed, I see the greatest outcomes for clients.”

Insights & Essences