Pre and Post Natal Care

Conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting is a time of great requirements. Holistic care not only prepares the woman but will nourish her and her family for optimal health and happiness. Access the support, care and learning to aid you through this significant period of great and wonderful change.


Optimal preconception health and fertility management.

Prepare your body and understand its cycles for healthy conception. Identifying any areas in your life or health that could benefit from balance or cleansing to clear the way and make space for new life. Getting the body, mind and heart all on the same page.


Pregnancy Support

Through seeking tailored support during this significant time in your life Laura will ensure - whether it’s your first pregnancy or 5th – that you and your baby’s needs are her foremost priority. The focus is on facilitating the healthiest possible environment for you both. Setting up not only a joyful, healthy pregnancy but working towards your birth plans and strategies for your postnatal recovery.

Individual dietary plans can be developed. Especially important if you have dietary restrictions or existing health conditions. Other pregnancy support includes providing effective and safe medicines and practical alternatives for treating conditions such as anxiety and depression, morning sickness, cramps, heartburn, digestive complaints and insomnia.


Pregnancy Massage

Treating women throughout all stages of pregnancy with expertise on the changing requirements of your body. Addressing the structure, optimal positioning, physical pain in muscles, joints and ligaments and tension in the body.

Pregnancy massage provides not only an opportunity to release stress and deeply relax, but is an integral part to feeling connected with your changing body and baby. It is therefore an exceptional aid for birth preparation. Induction Massage is also available for full term pregnancies.

Natural induction treatments are available (if appropriate and at full term).


Birth Preparation to Aid and Support Labor

Birth preparation aids may include:

  • Safe herbal remedies to optimise and tone your system and prepare the uterus for birth
  • Homeopathic birth kits to support you through the transitions of labour naturally
  • Active birth positions, breath work and visualisations
  • Partner support and education
  • Natural induction treatments (if appropriate and at full term).

Birth preparation support with Laura is always tailored to align with your birth choices and requirements.

Post Natal support for you as you move into the first years of your child’s life.

  • The first six weeks

    Treatment programs specifically for the first six weeks to aid labour recovery and post birth healing. Take home a support plan to aid recovery from birth (vaginal or caesarian), support breast milk production, ease the rapid shift in hormones, restore digestive and bowel function, care and soothe your nervous system. This is a significant and restorative time to settle in with your new baby and discover a new rhythm. Optimal healing during this time will set you up for better health and wellbeing for the months to come.

  • The first 12 months

    The 12 months after the birth of your child is highly demanding on all aspects of your being. Hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, stress, personal and lifestyle adjustment, identity changes, huge nutritional output with breastfeeding and recovery from pregnancy and birth are some of the major indicators that more support is required.

Laura has become a go-to expert in the area of postnatal depletion and the many symptoms and conditions that can arise during this period of high demand.

“To support the baby we must first support the mother”

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