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Are you looking for a health care professional who provides clear and practical strategies to support you, treats you as a unique person, restores wellbeing and brings about positive health changes?

Addressing health issues can be overwhelming, especially when we don’t know where to start. Laura is skilled at ‘putting together the puzzle pieces that make up you’ to deliver you to your end goal of understanding, better health and wellbeing.

In practice since 2001 and with over 10,00 hours of clinical experience, Laura gets the results her clients seek whilst providing a nurturing, supportive and empowering experience. Along side traditional Naturopathic consultations, Laura also utilises Vibrational Medicines of Flower Essence Therapy, Energy Balancing and Akashic Record Readings.

Specialising in all areas of Transition, Pregnancy, & Post Natal care. 

Drawing upon her extensive clinical experience, multimodality skill set and a deep understanding of the interaction between all aspects of the body, mind and spirit, sessions with Laura Wheeler are tailor made for the individual.

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A fundamental aspect of Naturopathy is to treat the whole person. This means taking all of ‘you’ into account; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
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pre and post natal care

Pre & Post Natal Care

Conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond is a time of great requirements. Holistic care not only prepares the woman but will nourish her and her family for optimal health and happiness. Access the support, care and learning to aid you through this significant period of great and wonderful change.
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Akashic Insights & Essences

Akashic Insights and Essences is a transformative therapy that has been developed to address mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our wellbeing. This unique modality combines Intuitive insights, Flowers essence medicines and personalised practices.
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Mentoring for Naturopaths And Students on client management, case studies and business development. Be supported and find your professional community.
Holistic Consulting Services: Supporting organisations with creating and enhancing products, services, and processes using Holistic modelling via the Akashic Records.
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  • "Laura’s warm and gentle approach makes me feel at ease every time I see her. She is caring, wise, knowledgeable and deeply intuitive. She has the ability to connect in with what my body is saying which is relieving when its hard to find the right words. Her professional approach and guidance has complimented my mainstream medical treatments and have been a constant source of of support throughout. Her dedication to helping others with her holistic approach and advice is invaluable.

    -Amy Nettelbeck

  • "As a midwife, I find that the clients I refer to Laura appear more grounded, informed and physically ‘primed’ in the lead up to giving birth. I strongly believe the support Laura can offer women during pregnancy is not a luxury, but an incredibly valuable asset for birth preparation. I cant recommend Laura highly enough! Her caring nature and nurturing practices offer fundamental support for birth, motherhood and beyond.
    -Elizabeth Richards

  • "Laura is an experienced and nurturing therapist who has a gift for supporting body and mind health. I benefit greatly from her ability to promote physical and mental release through her massage and instruction. I leave my appointments feeling lighter, moving freely and feeling embodied.She has become an essential person in maintaining my wellbeing. Her sensitivity and care is complimented by clear and confidant guidance that come from years of experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
    -Dr Janet Maxwell

  • "Laura’s experience, professionalism and expertise as a Naturopath is second only to her kind and compassionate way in which she treats her clients. She can be relied upon to give 100% of all she has to offer every time she consults. Laura will always work with each persons unique situation and develop a program specifically for them. The benefits of Laura’s treatments are real and long lasting because she empowers each individual to find their path to healing, in such a way that inspires people to make the changes necessary to improve their health.
    -Monique Bevan

  • "I began seeing Laura many years ago for stress and hormonal problems that where impacting on me greatly. Her treatment was so effective and bought about such consistent and positive changes for me. She was also instrumental in supporting me in the conception of our baby, throughout the pregnancy and post natal period. She offered a kind ear, Practical advice and has always been able to get right to the depth of the issue with her treatments. My whole family continues to seek treatment from Laura, she is our”go to” health care professional.
    -Anna and Family

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Are you looking for a health care professional who provides clear and practical strategies to support you, treat you as a unique person, restore wellbeing and bring about positive health changes?

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