A calm and relaxed body is a receptive one. We function better from this place.

More often than not our output is far greater and out of balance with the input. Stress, tension and dysfunction can begin to settle in the body in ways that impact our wellbeing and how we experience the day to day.

Massage sessions are guided by your needs and may combine some or all of the following styles:



Taking time for yourself to receive and let any layers of stress and tension dissolve as you reconnect with the physical body and reacquaint yourself with the feeling of a still and peaceful mind. Deeply rejuvenating.


Deep Tissue / Therapeutic

Remedial style body work to relieve tension and pain, to increase mobility and freedom of movement. Stress reducing. Can involve techniques such as Trigger point therapy, Myofascial release, Cupping, mobilisation and stretches.



A deeply restorative massage that combines energetic healing (Reiki), flower essences, aromatherapy and relaxation massage techniques to leave you feel light and aligned. Connecting in and bringing balance and flow to your Meridians and Chakras. We are, after all, more than just muscles and bones.



Treating women throughout all stages of pregnancy with expertise on the changing requirements of your body. Addressing structure, optimal positioning, physical pain in muscles, joints and ligaments and tension in the body. Pregnancy massage provides not only an opportunity to release stress and deeply relax but is an integral part to feeling connected with your changing body and baby. It is therefore an exceptional aid for birth preparation. Induction Massage is also available for full term pregnancies.

Home care such as postural reeducation, specific exercises and stretches/yoga postures along with maintenance plans are offered and recommended.

Naturopathy, Massage, Pre & Post Natal Care